While we were getting the Stargirl concert together last year, I had an idea for a new album and dedicated this past year to making that idea a reality. Between school and my involvement in extracurricular activities and preparing classical pieces for college auditions, finding time to write the songs on this album was difficult but not impossible. In fact, you will see that much of the music on this new album is influenced in some way or another by the classical music I worked up for auditions. While I am proud of the work we did on Stargirl, the concepts and musicality on this project are definitely a departure from anything we have created before, and it is a good departure. This album, Wonderland, is an attempt at a concept album wrestling with the feelings of being lost and finding beauty in uncertainty and subtlety. It contains the most mature sounds that I think we have ever created. 

If you have kept up with us on social media, you will know that over the summer we have been busy recording Wonderland, and we have had so much fun doing it. On top of that, we have also begun rehearsing for another concert at the Fair Theatre in Plainview, Texas on Friday, August 8th to kick off the new record which will be available to buy on iTunes, Bandcamp, and this website. I’m very excited to work with the musicians I’ve worked with before like Ryan Thurman, who has also played a huge role in the recording and mixing of the new album, Chris Styne, and Carley Hardage. I’m also looking forward to performing with our drummer this year from Lubbock, Texas, Alex Sanchez. Along with these musicians we will feature violinist, Sidnie Thomas, in a couple of songs. We would all love to see you come kick off the new album with us on August 8th, but before the album comes out on the 8th, the title track for Wonderland will be available for purchase as a single starting on July 25. 

As you can see, we have been up to very much in this past year and are very excited to share with you our creations. Thank you to everyone who supports my music. It is because of you that all of this is possible. 

To close, here is the track list for Wonderland:

Wonderland (Prelude)
Blood Moon
Coup D’oeil
The Walk

wonderland cover

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