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about wonderland

released 08 August 2014

all music and lyrics by: aaron chavez
(except 'wasteland' by aaron chavez and ryan thurman)
produced by: ryan thurman, aaron chavez
strings arranged by: aaron chavez, ryan thurman, (and sidnie thomas on ‘wonderland’)

recorded at ryan’s house in plainview, texas · drums recorded at paramount baptist church inamarillo, texas

aaron chavez: vocals, piano, rhodes, synths,
ryan thurman: bass, synths, acoustic guitar, programming,
chris styne: electric guitar, bowed electric guitar, banjo
tyler anderson: drums
carley hardage: additional vocals on ‘wonderland’ and ‘time’
monte ratchford: additional vocals on ‘coup d’œil’
robert black: accordion on 'blood moon'
gabrielle chargy: spoken word on ‘coup d’œil’

(excerpt from t.s. elliot’s recording of his poem ‘burnt norton’ included on the song ‘time’)

(group vocals on ‘wasteland’: ryan thurman, chris styne, carley hardage, william ratchford, aaron chavez)

cover art by: beauty of you photograhy (caitlin and ryan thurman)

other photographs taken by aaron chavez

© 2014 all rights reserved · aaronchavezmusic.com


Dissonance is all around, we are all inside the sound

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Stargirl (intro) download
Stargirl download
The Fall download
Beauty Queen download
Brother download
Hope Will Remain download

about stargirl

Released 24 August 2013
Producer: Ryan Thurman
Assistant Producer: Aaron Chavez
Mixed by: Ryan Thurman
Recorded at: Stonebridge Fellowship and Ryan’s house in Plainview, Texas; Drums recorded at Paramount Baptist in Amarillo, Texas
(Strings arranged by Aaron Chavez)

Aaron Chavez: Vocals, piano, rhodes, synths, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Ryan Thurman: Bass, acoustic guitar, programming
Tim Barnes: Drums
Christ Styne: Banjo on “Hope Will Remain”
Baxter Vaughan: Lap Steel on “Hope Will Remain”
Joseph Martinez: Electric guitar on “Beauty Queen”

(‘gang’ vocalists on “Hope Will Remain- Tim Barnes, Chris Styne, Carley Hardage, Ryan Thurman, and Aaron Chavez)

Photography: Beauty of You Photography (Caitlin and Ryan Thurman) *except for picture of rocket
Stargirl (on album cover): Bailey Manning

Special Thanks to: Ryan and Caitlin Thurman for the countless hours invested in this project to make it happen from the music to the photography to this PDF booklet; Mom and Dad for encouragement and hours of sleep lost to brainstorm ideas with me; all of the musicians who turned ideas into sound waves; Bailey for putting up with my shenanigans and for modeling as Stargirl for the album cover and for being my beautiful girlfriend; Paramount Baptist for allowing us to use your awesome studio to track drums; John Arndt for taking time to listen to the songs on this album and give a little expert insight; all friends and family who supported us in the recording of this album


Ultraviolet ray, With a never ending glow, To this very day

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Anthem of Love download

about anthem of love

"Anthem of Love" is my attempt of painting a picture of Christ's suffering and my personal reflection upon it. The verses are a plead to God from a lost individual while the choruses are from the perspective of a primary source describing the life, suffering, and death of Christ by referring to him as "a man who came and stood/trudged/died on a hill." It is a song of suffering and beauty and the ultimate display of love from our incredible God. In short, the death and resurrection of Christ resonate forever in the hearts of believers as an anthem of love and a testament of our God's love for us.

Hold me, Father be near
Find me, I am not here- no I'm lost
No I'm lost
O my selfish desires,
Burn me up in your fire- oh I'm lost
Oh I'm lost

But a man came and stood on a hill
And we watched him but he was so still
Oh a mystery so clear
As we waited to hear- the Anthem of Love

Give me rest O my soul,
This life I can't control- oh I'm lost
Green noise, silently loud
Pull me out of this crowd, oh I'm lost

But a man came and trudged up a hill
And we watched him as he stopped to kneel
Oh his scarred face was so near
As we waited to hear- the Anthem of Love

But a man came and died on a hill
And the Earth shook, oh the sight was surreal
And I found myself in tears, as we waited to hear-
the Anthem of Love

Omnis spiritus laudate dominum
(let everything that has breath praise the Lord)

released 04 July 2012
Aaron Chavez- Songwriter, Piano, Lead Vocals, Organ, Bells
Ryan Thurman- Bass, Programming
Chris Styne- Electric Guitar
Tim Barnes- Drums
Justin Rieff- Mixing/Mastering


Oh his scarred face was so near As we waited to hear - the Anthem of Love