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about wonderland

released 08 August 2014

all music and lyrics by: aaron chavez
(except 'wasteland' by aaron chavez and ryan thurman)
produced by: ryan thurman, aaron chavez
strings arranged by: aaron chavez, ryan thurman, (and sidnie thomas on ‘wonderland’)

recorded at ryan’s house in plainview, texas · drums recorded at paramount baptist church inamarillo, texas

aaron chavez: vocals, piano, rhodes, synths,
ryan thurman: bass, synths, acoustic guitar, programming,
chris styne: electric guitar, bowed electric guitar, banjo
tyler anderson: drums
carley hardage: additional vocals on ‘wonderland’ and ‘time’
monte ratchford: additional vocals on ‘coup d’œil’
robert black: accordion on 'blood moon'
gabrielle chargy: spoken word on ‘coup d’œil’

(excerpt from t.s. elliot’s recording of his poem ‘burnt norton’ included on the song ‘time’)

(group vocals on ‘wasteland’: ryan thurman, chris styne, carley hardage, william ratchford, aaron chavez)

cover art by: beauty of you photograhy (caitlin and ryan thurman)

other photographs taken by aaron chavez

© 2014 all rights reserved · aaronchavezmusic.com


Dissonance is all around, we are all inside the sound